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Airplane with 2 wings stacked on top of each other.

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Why do older airplanes have a wing on both the top and the bottom of the aircraft?

The first airplane by the Wright brothers had a double wing. This concept continued through World War 1 and into the 1930s - why was this concept popular?
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What special handling characteristics or techniques do biplanes have?

How does flying a biplane differ from flying a monoplane? Apart from the increased drag and lift, how does it handle differently, and what effect does that have on manoeuvring? In particular, I'm ...
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How does the "pendulum effect" affect biplanes?

A high wing airplane will correct itself (lateral stability) when disturbed because its c.g. is below the c.p. (looking at the plane from it's side), according to this forum post and the book below. ...
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Why do most biplanes have their top wing slightly forward of the lower wing?

In most of the biplanes, the top wing is located a little forward of the lower wing. What is the use of this? Also, how does this affect stability of the aircraft.
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Was the Space Shuttle aerodynamically neutral while piggybacking, or did the combination act like a giant biplane?

Trying to investigate this question, I see that 'Ask the Captain' says: The weight of the shuttle is calculated like any payload. The 747 produces enough lift to fly and to carry the weight of ...
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Can you identify this 1920s or 30s biplane?

Can you identify this aircraft from the 1920s or 30s I think? On the back of the photo it says “Taken at Nanking, after flying from Hong Kong to Shanghai”. I don’t know who the pilot is. My ...
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Why does the Beech Staggerwing have its low wing ahead of the high wing?

Why does the Beech Staggerwing have its low wing in ahead of the high wing? What are the aerodynamic ideas behind this? Other biplanes of the era had the opposite, low wing behind the high one.
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What are the disadvantages of a delta wing biplane design?

The idea of a delta wing as I understand it is to reduce stress on the wing and drag on the leading edge. Now using two delta wings on separate planes, on one frame would presumably allow for a ...
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Can you identify this plane from 1920 and prior vintage?

My grand uncle, that is my grandfather's brother had a flight school and performed in barnstorming shows somewhere in the midwest and it's not a Jenny. His name was Ralph Bloxham and is seen with his ...
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Would biplanes be of use in VSTOL applications? What is the down side to biplanes? ex. Bush Pilots or VSTOL competitions

I feel like bush pilots and VSTOL competition aircraft could use biplanes to work much better. Granted, range and speed are decreased, but besides overall efficiency, what is the down side to biplanes?...
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Any biplane flying wings after 1914?

Were any biplane flying wings built and flown after the 1912-1914 variants of the Dunne D.8? If not, why? Wikipedia mentions merely that this type was too stable and insufficiently controllable, but ...
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Can anyone identify this Biplane flown Army Air Reserve stationed at Clover Field, Santa Monica, California in mid the 1920's?

Can anyone identify this biplane flown by the 476th pursuit squadron "The Black Falcons" of the 322rd pursuit group of the Army Air Reserve stationed at Clover Field, Santa Monica, ...
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What closed-cockpit biplane is this model modelled after?

What closed-cockpit biplane is this model modelled after?
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Would it be beneficial for the Boeing 777x to have a biplane wing design?

The Boeing 777x has huge wings to generate lift even to the point of having to have a hinge and being able to bend them. Would it not be advantageous to have 2 wings like a biplane or one behind ...
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What justifies a biplane over a braced monoplane?

Biplanes became the first airplanes to enter service due to their structurally efficient design being more suitable for the weak materials then. This efficiency comes from the two wings acting as the ...
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What is the function of interplane strut of a Biplane?

What kind of load does the interplane strut(s) carry,is it compression, tension or shear? In order words,what's their function and how do you calculate the force that the interplane strut carries?
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