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Why do beechcraft aircraft start with full mixture and throttle?

I've noticed that barons and bonanza's tend to start with full throttle and mixture. Why do they this as opposed to other aircraft that keep throttle at 1/4 inch and put full mixture forward for a few ...
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Flaps type for Beech Bonanza V-35B

I'm writing a thesis on airplanes' flaps and I was analizing the flaps on the Beech Bonanza V-35B: on the book "The wind and beyond - Volume II" published by NASA on page 375 states that ...
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What is that wire connecting [duplicate]

What is that wire connecting the tail fin to the fuselage in beechcraft 1900 and so many other airplanes
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Why is the Piper PA-23 considered a bush-plane, while the Beech 95 Travel Air is not?

The Beech 95 Travel Air was developed as a direct competitor with the Piper PA-23. The Piper is considered a reasonably ok bush plane, yet the Beech 95 is not commonly seen as a bush plane (I don't ...
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What is the aircraft model used in the film "American Made"?

In American Made, what is the model of the white airplane that the CIA presents to Barry Seal (played by Tom Cruise)? He says something along the lines of "the fastest piston twin". Are those ...
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Why is the King Air avionics switching system wired normally closed?

In the King Air 200 and B200 (perhaps other King Air models as well), the avionics electrical bus relays are normally closed. With the Avionics Master switch in the "OFF" position—which is ...
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