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Questions tagged [battery]

A device that harnesses a controlled chemical reaction to produce electricity; usually carried as an emergency power source in case the aircraft's main generators fail.

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How heavy and expensive are batteries and generators on a 737?

I am currently struggling to find details on generators and batteries. For a B737 or similar, what would the cost and weight (in £ and Kg) of a battery and IDG be? And do lightweight options exist or ...
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Can an aircraft use ram air to generate power while flying?

I am a student carrying out a project focused on efficiency on aircraft. I have arrived at an idea I believe to be feasible. I am looking for suggestions, specification of what I would need, and any ...
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Does the battery discharge detector have a self test function on the B738?

Does the battery discharge detector on a Boeing 737-800 have a self test function that causes the light (BAT DISCHARGE) to illuminate and extinguish? I have not found such a thing in the FCOM but been ...
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What is a battery pod?

On a manual in school was written: 'The fuselage battery pod must be made in a metal to improve the impact resistance'. What is meant with battery pod here?
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Why are Li-ion batteries not being used in aircraft but are widely used in electric vehicle industry?

This might seem a very naïve question. Maybe the comparison of electric vehicle to aircraft is hugely inappropriate. But I couldn't find a clear answer in web search. Lithium-ion batteries have a high ...
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How to find the battery mass fraction for electrical VTOL aircraft/drone

I am doing an univeristy project to do initial sizing of an electrical vtol drone. Using the aircraft design book from Raymer, I have gotten the battery mass fraction for the cruise, loiter, and climb ...
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Where is the battery location of Eviation's new electric aircraft Alice?

Where is the battery situated on Eviation's new electric aircraft Alice which has two fuselage-mounted electric propulsion systems?
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Why battery voltage is lower than system/alternator voltage

I’m a noob in electricity so pardon for my ignorance. Why the battery voltage is always lower than whole system and alternator voltage (considering light aircraft electrical system). E.g. In Cessna ...
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Can a completely drained battery be recharged via ground power on an airliner like the B737?

When accidentally leaving the battery switch or something powered by the hot battery bus on over night, an aircraft's battery could completely discharge. Normal startup, where the battery is switched ...
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What does "28 volts DC" mean, really?

The common battery voltage on aircraft is commonly referred to as "28 volts". What does that really mean in terms of a lead-acid battery? In many uses, such as cars ("12V"), trucks ("24V") ...
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What is the difference between an aircraft main battery and standby battery?

I have just seen a diagram where it shows both a main battery and a standby battery however I am unsure what the differences are? I thought the main battery was there as an emergency power source / ...
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What is the battery voltage for a Supermarine Spitfire?

I am used to modern aircraft being 28V systems. I found an article saying that a trolley AC plug in battery used to start WWII aircraft was 12V. I'm trying to confirm or disprove this.
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If, one day, we have an electric airplane, will it be easier to control than a fuelled airplane?

Elon Musk said that Tesla will make battery which can last for million miles. So probably in the next few years there will be a (small) airplane powered by an electric motor rather than by fuel. If ...
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What do I need to power up an EDF engine? [closed]

I want to buy a EDF engine (just the engine). What items, such as battery and chargers etc. do i need to buy to power it up?
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Is it possible to power a very small jet using batteries? [duplicate]

I have read a lot of answers on batteries powering large commercial jets, and how it won't work. However, for a small jet like the Honda jet, would it be possible for it to be powered completely by ...
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Are piezoelectric energy harvesters too expensive to be used commercially as a power source in drones or small aircraft?

Piezoelectric energy harvesters can draw energy from the mechanical loads and the vibrations in the fuselage/wings/blades of aircraft. What are the disadvantages of such a system being used as an ...
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Will two blades or three blades last longer on a hobby drone? [duplicate]

Will it be better to run a lighter 2 blade prop vs a heavier 3 blade prop for longevity and battery life? they are the same length. I am curious if the extra weight of the third blade will inhibit the ...
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Is a weak battery a valid reason to reject a rented aircraft?

Today I had rented a Piper Archer III for a local flight. After taxing to the fuel and filling up, I went to start the plane again and it did not want to turn over. This particular plane is somewhat ...
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What is the typical voltage used on jet airliners?

I have seen several parts that use 28 Volts DC, is this a standard for jet airliners (e.g., Airbuses and Boeings).
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How are batteries cooled in passenger aircraft?

What sort of systems are used to cool batteries in the air? Liquid cooled? Air cooled? I am interested in lithium chemistry batteries in the form of either pouch cells or 18650 batteries inside of ...
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What kind of batteries are allowed to be transported? [closed]

I am based out of India and I have to send two mobile phones along with batteries to Japan. I thought of sending it by DHL. This link gives information about regulations regarding the batteries. ...
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How is a lead acid battery and a Ni-Cd battery charged on an aircraft?

How is a lead acid battery and a Ni-Cd battery charged on an aircraft, such as an A320? Is it constant current or voltage?
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What's the point of separating the Alternator and Battery switches?

What's the point of having a different button for the battery? Why does the alternator turn on simultaneously with the battery? I need an easy and short explanation, if possible.
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Is it safe to fly on airplane with lithium batteries in cargo hold?

Lithium-ion batteries have the tendency to go on fire. I checked baggage policy of European low cost carriers (easyJet, Ryanair, WizzAir), and while spare batteries are banned from cargo hold, it ...
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