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Questions tagged [basicmed]

Questions about the FAA's BasicMed regulations, which are an alternative to holding a third-class medical

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How does the FAA BasicMed affect the safety pilot for somebody flying under the hood?

When one pilot is practicing instrument flying with a view limiting device (a "hood"), a licensed pilot needs to be along to watch for traffic (the safety pilot). There are several scenarios where ...
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1 answer

Third Class medical license, what changed, if anything?

Supposedly, in 2016, Congress passed a new law making it easier to fly without the usual medical examination requirements. However, in looking at one of the rather obtuse "FAQs" on this new law, I don'...
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Can an FAA Pilot Examiner accept BasicMed in place of a medical certificate from a checkride applicant?

This has been a subject of debate recently. §61.23 states that you can use BasicMed to apply for some certificates or ratings but limits this to gliders, practical examination in a simulator or flight ...
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