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Questions tagged [b17-flying-fortress]

The B-17 Flying Fortress was a common American bomber in World War II. Use for questions specific to this aircraft.

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What is a "runaway supercharger"?

During World War 2, my uncle was a navigator for a B-17G bomber based in the UK. On return from a bombing run over Frankfurt, the crew was forced to bail out over Belgium at 3000 feet altitude. My ...
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Can the dome gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress shoot the plane's tail off?

I was at the California Capital Airshow on Mather AFB over the weekend, and came across a beautifully maintained B-17 Flying Fortress. The crew were kind enough to allow people to go inside and take a ...
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What is the origin of the "Pickle" switch for release of ordnance?

I am looking for proper proof of the theory that it is called so due to the Norden sight of the B17, which was said to assist the bomber in putting a bomb into a pickle jar, and hence it stuck.
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What are dimensions of the B-17 propellers?

I'm curious about the aerodynamics of the Boeing B-17 propeller, as the proportions looks perfect for a project I'm working up. Does anyone out there know where to find the specs/dimensions/models for ...
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Why did only Boeing choose to use 4-engines on the B-17?

The USAAC announced a competition in 1934 for a new multi-engined bomber with the requirement that it carry ~2000 lbs of bombs 2000+ miles at 200+ mph (with 250 mph preferred). The three entrants to ...
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Did B-17 gunners beat on the wings of other planes in their formation?

I am certain my father, a B-17 pilot, told stories about his gunner having to beat on the wing of another plane in the formation with the tip of his gun to get the pilot to pull away and avoid a mid-...
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What did B-17 Pilots do? [closed]

Im making a game, and Im wondering what they did besides in combat, or bombing? Futhermore, what did they do if they were in combat, and were heavily damaged?
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