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Questions tagged [aviation-in-fiction]

This tag covers aviation that can be watched on TV or cinema, and that can be read in books.

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What type of aircraft do Tintin and Captain Haddock use on their way to Peru in "The Seven Crystal Balls"?

At the end of Hergé's The Seven Crystal Balls (first published 1943-1944), Tintin and Captain Haddock fly to Peru in a relatively big seaplane (or flying boat?). Is it a real aircraft? If so, what ...
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Were there any planes used in WWII that were able to shoot their own tail?

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there's a scene where Indiana is piloting a plane and his father is acting as gunner. While shooting at incoming enemy planes, he accidentally shoots his own ...
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What, if anything, could actually cause one helicopter blade to be more eroded than the others?

Does this scenario in which one blade is more eroded then the others commonly occur with real helicopters? Even if it does, Julio's explanation is obviously wrong; what actually causes it?
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What is this military aircraft from the James Bond film Octopussy?

The James Bond 1983 adventure Octopussy opens with Bond flying through a hangar in a Bede BD-5 and generally causing carnage. One of the planes I cannot identify. It is possible that it is a ...
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What did Chuck do wrong in this Chicken Wings comic?

What did Chuck do wrong, other than being in an airplane?
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Has anyone ever heard of a Bresthaven Dragon-Fly III?

In James Thurber’s classic short story The Greatest Man In The World, the main character, lowlife hooligan Jack ‘Pal’ Smurch, attains the heights of fame when he flies an airplane around the world ...
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What does this handle from the movie Flight (2012) do?

I wanted to ask about something that, as an aviation enthusiast I have never seen before, from the movie Flight with Denzel Washington. Perhaps the reason is is because it's a movie. You pull these ...
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In The Final Countdown, why did F-14 gun down the first A6M2 Zero, but the other F-14 fired an air-to-air missile at the second A6M2?

It feels contradictory for one of the F-14's to gun down the first A6M2 Zero, but the other F-14 to fire an air-to-air missile ("AAM") at the second A6M2. Is this distinction a goof? If ...
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What aircraft is used in the movie Plane (2023)?

Does anyone know what type of aircraft was used in the new film Plane staring Gerard Butler?
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Is this an at-all realistic configuration for a DHC-2 Beaver?

As I learn more and more about aviation, I start noticing things. The image below is clipped from The Long Dark, a disaster survival game centered around powerful geomagnetic storms. At the inciting ...
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1 answer

Are the F-18 movements in the Top Gun: Maverick movie really possible?

Lately, I watched the new movie Top Gun: Maverick. A few times Maverick made some impressive movements when he was getting hunted by another fighter jet. He somehow goes slightly up, brakes and gets ...
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What's an ESAT as filmed in "Top Gun: Maverick"

This is an image from the movie Top Gun: Maverick The scene in question is between 01:48:20 - 01:48:34 In the movie they're calling this device an ESAT, which is sending some signal which is visible ...
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51 votes
7 answers

Why did the pilots in Top Gun: Maverick invert at the crest of the mountain before descending?

In Top Gun: Maverick, the pilots plan to perform a bombing run in the valley of a craterous mountain range in F/A-18s. At the crest of the first side of the crater, the pilots were instructed to roll ...
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What is the aircraft type in the movie 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'?

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, a recent movie set in the late 1960s, has a few scenes in a Pan American Airways (Pan Am) aircraft. Looking at Pan Am's fleet at that time, it looks like it was ...
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Could the filming of the 747 in "Awakenings" have taken place during the 747 flight testing?

In the 1990 film "Awakenings", the main character Leonard awakens after suffering from a catatonic illness for 30 years. There's a scene where Leonard watches a 747 landing in New York at JFK. This ...
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Is the autorotation in San Andreas movie realistic?

San Andreas is an awful movie, but given how helicopter-centric its plot is I'm wondering if they even got the autorotation landing correct? In the middle of the movie the hero is cruising in (I ...
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Could someone really die in the way that Goose did in the movie "Top Gun"?

Looking at this question I remembered a question I always wanted to ask: In the movie "Top Gun" one of the main characters dies when trying to eject from the F-14. Here is the scene where this ...
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