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Questions tagged [autopilot]

An autopilot is a system used to guide an aircraft without assistance from a person.

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What happens to ADIRU/FAC AP etc, when Pitot probes fail?

Situation: Suppose due to a bird strike pitot 1 is blocked with debris and radome is dented causing inconsistent airspeed indication between P2 and P3 (due to unequal airflow). This happens at about ...
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Boeing 747 Autopilot PID Controller

For a personal flight simulator project, I am creating my own custom Boeing 747 classic series. I have about 50% of the project complete at a level of detail nearly equivalent to study-level flight ...
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Can commercial automatic flight control fly back-side?

For most commercial flight director, autopilot and auto-throttle systems (e.g. the A330-300, B737-800), the flight director/autopilot flies the altitude hold (ALT) or vertical speed (V/S) mode by ...
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Choosing $\phi/\beta$ in Lateral-directional control design

In designing the Lateral-directional controller for aircraft, there is a parameter called $\phi/\beta$ that is defined as the ratio of the magnitude of the bank angle to the sideslip envelopes in the ...
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Flying in V formation with multiple planes

Logistically choreographed using air-traffic controllers to pair like planes headed in the same direction or by scheduling flights together, how much fuel could be saved pairing planes to fly in a ...
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Can I change the max bank angle on the Garmin G1000 in the C172SP?

I wonder if I can change the max bank angle on the G1000/GFC700 avionics in a C172SP, like you can on the MCP of the 737NG?
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Are the terms "Coupled approach" and "Hand flown approach" strictly defined?

I was looking on SE and also Google for the answer, but couldn't find anything. My question is when to log an approach as coupled or handflown? All of the approaches I fly are CAT I but the aircraft's ...
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After designing an autopilot, how does it affect aircraft modes?

Let's say an autopilot will be designed for the longitudinal axis. A pitch attitude hold will be made with a sas in the inner loop and a pid in the outer loop. How does this system change the phugoid ...
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Helicopter autopilot

Is there any video or explanation how parallel actuators work on 4 axis helicopter autopilot ? I am familiar with beep trim and trim release buttons, but want to know how it all works in the ...
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ST-901 GPSS Converter diagrams

I'm looking for pin-out diagrams for the S-Tec ST-901 GPSS Converter. This unit will go between a Garmin GPS400W GPS Navigator and an S-Tec 50 autopilot.
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Pitch control in PX4 autopilot

I am trying to translate controller diagram of fixed wing px4 attitude control into mathematical form. While going through the controller diagram Fixed-Wing Attitude Controller looking into PX4 github ...
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TruTrak Vision PMA Autopilot Limitations for coupled instrument procedures- C172M - STC SA04231CH

I am currently flying a Cessna 172M with a TruTrak Vision Autopilot installed under STC SA04231CH. Section 2.4 of the approved AFMS states: This autopilot has not been evaluated by the FAA to meet ...
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