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Alternative methods to determine A-320 (Pegasus R1A) Optimal FL

320 FO looking to see if anyone knows a method to determine optimal flight level (essentially compute optimal step climb point) from the F-PLN page. I’m well aware of computing optimal S/C from the ...
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What does 'category' mean in the NEW NAVAID menu of the Airbus FMS?

I tried to create a NEW NAVAID in the Flight Management System because I was simulating a flight to an airport that is not in the database of the FMS. What Category is Airbus referring to in the MCDU ...
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How to calculate time-of-arrival of airplanes to a neighborhood of a position (with minimum probing)? [closed]

Suppose we have a position on earth with coordinates: (latitude, longitude). I'm looking for methods, algorithms or APIs to get a time alert that a plane would fly ...
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Are more fatalities in commercial aircraft accidents caused by pilot error than by automated features?

This claim struck me: Overall these automated features are an overall benefit to everybody. They are preventing some of the more classic aviation disasters that pilots can induce into these aircraft. ...
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Feasibility and process for the approval of a modified glider [closed]

I am looking into a business idea that requires glider sized semi-automatic drones but I am very naive when it comes to the regulations and rigour of the aviation and airline industry, so I am hoping ...
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3 answers

Why do anti-ice systems on airplanes with automatic ice detectors still need to be manually selected on?

As even minuscule amounts of ice accumulation on aircraft can cause tremendous loss of lift, increases in drag, decreases in engine thrust, and/or flight-control impairment, some method of detecting ...
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