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Why do ATR aircraft have a dedicated power management selector for each engine?

ATR aircraft have a split power management selector in order to allow both engines to be commanded seperately.  Source: Magnar Nordal but what is the purpose of having this facility? do pilots ever ...
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What is the nature of feathering in an ATR type aircraft?

If the engines fail for some reason midflight, does the ATR aircraft automatically feather the affected engine? In rare cases if both engines fail, does the automatic feathering happen for both ...
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How safe are ATR 72/42 planes? [closed]

I'm flying end of December and they seem to have issues with icing? Is this something I should be worried about? Thanks.
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Why don't the ATR 42's propellers start/stop rotating simultaneously?

Why is it that for the ATR 42 one of the propellers begins to rotate before of the other? I've noticed that they also stop rotating at different times. Is there a reason for that or is it just for ...
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How long does the gear extension/retraction takes on the ATR-42?

Which is typical time of landing gear extension in normal conditions ? I would like to know it especially for the ATR-42 but any other typical value is welcome ! Furthermore can you provide any link ...
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What are the visual differences between the ATR42 and the ATR72?

I tried to find the visual differences between the ATR42 and the ATR72. I downloaded some images from Google but I can't find any. Would you help me?
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