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Aircraft Specific Type Rating Check-ride vs. Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Check-ride

When looking at the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for “Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating for Airplane” I have interpreted the level of precision (e.g., hdg. +/- 10°) on a type rating (e.g....
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What's the rationale for requiring ATP applicants to be at least 23 years old?

The FAA requires pilots to be at least 23 years old to acquire an ATP. But what's the rationale for this rule? I can understand why has to retire at the age of 65 but why can't we have an 18 year old ...
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How do I convert my Sudanese ICAO ATPL to UK CAA ATPL?

I have a Sudanese ATPL with an ERJ-145 type-rating and 1858 total hours and 636 hours on type. How do I convert that to a UK ATPL?
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Does the useful load contain taxi fuel?

While doing the “Mass and Balance” subject for the EASA ATPL, I came around two useful load definitions which contradict itself. The first definition says: The Useful Load is the total mass of the ...
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Is ATPL a universal license?

What I mean by ‘Universal’ is to be used anywhere. is this the case or do pilots flying between America and the UK just have both CAA and FAA ATPLs?
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What is the validity of an ICAO frozen ATPL? [duplicate]

I would like to know what is the validity of a frozen Airline Transport Pilot License under ICAO regulations?
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Can someone be an ATPL holder while having Pineal Cyst?

Does anyone know if I can become an ATPL holder with pineal cyst (2cm).I have no symptoms and was discovered accidentally because as a family we do MRI every 5 years (It is nothing it is just a family ...
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Do SIMulator hours need to be logged?

I was wondering if there is any regulation, EASA or ICAO, in other words “where does it say” that SIM hours need to be in your logbook? I’ve never recorded those, I’m going to try and upgrade my CPL ...
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Will getting a 4-year degree actually make a difference?

I'm currently working on my PPL, still in high school. I should get my PPL almost exactly on my 17th birthday. Instrument comes after, then complex, etc, etc. Should I still consider a college or go ...
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Can I get an ATPL if I have two drinking-and-driving offenses in the UK?

Can I get an ATPL if I have two drinking-and-driving offenses in the UK? I am thinking of becoming a pilot and a would like to know if there is a possibility (of course, after a period of time, and of ...
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ICAO ATPL Conversion to Transport Canada

I am a former Captain for PALExpress, an airline in the Philippines. I have a valid CAAP ATPL and am rated for the DHC8-400 and sadly was part of the retrenchment program for Philippine Airlines last ...
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How far back in time does FAA Institutional Authority for 61.160 (R-ATP) minimums go?

61.160 contains the requirements for an R-ATP certificate, and there is a list of FAA approved institutions that are eligible to graduate applicants to meet the R-ATP requirements. There is a column ...
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Time to take the ATPL and license conversion

How long does it take to get the EASA ATPL license on average? And if, after obtaining the ATPL licence in a particular country, you are recruited in a foreign country, do you need to re-take ...
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How to pass ATPL as an ATC? [closed]

i have graduated from Nation Aviation Academy and my occupation is Air Traffic Control. But to become a pilot was my childhood dream. So my question is, is it possible to pass atpl exams in this ...
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Can I get an EASA ATPL online?

I have a PPL license in the US and I want to do a European ATPL license. How does it work? Do I have to attend a school or can I do all online? Do I have to physically take the tests somewhere in ...
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What am I doing wrong in this RBI exercise?

The GYRO indicates the flight direction of the aircraft. The RBI indicates where the non-directional beacon(a location on ground that’s sending the plane signals) is located.  Top of the RBI is ...
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How to convert an EASA ATPL(H) IR to ATPL(A)?

If you are holding an EASA ATPL(H) IR, how can you convert it into ATPL(A) and would you be able to credit your heli hours? As I've 400 hours and it would get longer to build hours with ATPL.
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Have I made a calculation mistake in this ATPL question that uses the CAP 698 Chart?

I have been calculating this question but I just don't seem to get the correct answer. For this question use Performance Manual CAP 698 SEP1 Figure 2.3. Using the climb performance chart, for the ...
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