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Questions tagged [atfm]

For questions about Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), also known as ATFCM for Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management.

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2 votes
0 answers

According to ATFM terminology, when is a aircraft on the runway?

I am currently working trial writing a program capable of determining where a given aircraft is based on ATFM timestamps. My aviation background is pretty limited as I am only a mere IT developer. ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is the content of a Letter of Agreement between the Collaborative Decision Making participants?

Can you give a sample of a Letter of Agreement? How to calculate average taxi time at airport?
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15 votes
1 answer

How is Calculated TakeOff Time (CTOT) calculated?

This answer mentions: How these CTOT times are calculated is very complex, and deserves another question if you are interested. I'm interested. How does it work? What is the level of complexity ...
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26 votes
1 answer

How much does it cost the airline if an aircraft misses its take-off slot?

I was recently watching a TV programme and it said if an aircraft misses its take-off slot it will cost the airline company thousands, roughly how many thousands though???
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4 votes
2 answers

How is ATFM handled in the USA?

In my answer to this question, I describe how calculated takeoff times (CTOT) are used as a tool in European air traffic flow management to prevent overload and maximize capacity. I expect the ATFM ...
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