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Software designed to simulate Air Traffic Control operations (Center/Enroute, Terminal (TRACON), or Tower).

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Are distress calls used in simulators?

Would a pilot flying in a flight simulator with VATSIM make a mayday call in a scenario in which a pilot in a real plane would?
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What are the boxes around the airport on the IVAO Approach (APP) screen?

I play IVAO and I sometimes get curious about different positions that different controllers play on. Let's take this airport, Birmingham UK, this is what the APP (Approach) screen looks like What do ...
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What, exactly, is a final controller?

This tutorial mentions the user work song as a final controller for two runways and says that during busy periods one controller would work each runway. I’ve never ...
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At what altitude do pilots usually switch to departure?

I contribute to an open-source ATC sim, and I'm looking to advance one of our current features. I know this is widely variable, but is there a typical example, either in distance from the airport, or ...
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How realistic is as an ATC simulator?

I was wondering how realistic is. I only play for fun, not for training, but I want to play as accurately as possible.
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Is the whole world's airspace covered by ATC? [closed]

I'm an enthusiast and have only flown flight/atc simulators (on the VATSIM network). Obviously sometimes the airspace you are flying in is not covered by any ATC (so I have to set my frequency to ...
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How many radio transmissions per hour occur on a given frequency over Europe and North Atlantic?

For one of our research projects, we want to simulate a north atlantic flight from Frankfurt, Germany to the U.S.. To make it realistic, we are also simulating air traffic control - both instructions ...
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Are tower simulators used in civil ATC training?

Pilots use cockpit simulators, what about training of air traffic controllers working in control towers? Control tower of Québec / Jean Lesage airport (CYQB). Source. How do they train? Are there ...
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What regulations exist for ATC real time RADAR simulator software?

Does professional ATC RADAR simulator software need to comply to some regulations or requirements in order to be used for real life controller training? Have ICAO, Eurocontrol, EASA or FAA published ...
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Where can I find an ATM simulation software to investigate traffic flow capacities?

Does anyone know what software is suitable to investigate air traffic flow capacities in various FIR's / routes. I need to see the effect of temporary reserved ares due to military activities, weather,...
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