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What does "half of the horizon circle" means?

The definition of Prevailing Visibility is: "Prevailing visibility is the horizontal distance over which objects or bright lights can be seen and identified over at least half of the horizon ...
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What is Tendency of RVR?

What does tendency of RVR (Runway Visual Range) mean and why down and up have the same values? This is from AWOS(Automated Weather Observing System)
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What does AO2A in the remarks of a METAR mean?

I am familiar with AO2 in the METAR remarks as described in this answer, which means the station is automated and has a precipitation discriminator. I have noticed sometimes there is AO2A in the ...
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Why would ASOS have a caution for Low Density Altitude?

I did my initial training in a high altitude area, where it got pretty hot in the summer, so I'm not at all surprised when I hear an ASOS announce: Caution: Density Altitude (a few thousand above ...
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What is the difference between the various automated airport weather observing systems?

Automated airport weather observations can be produced by several types of equipment: AWOS-A, AWOS-1, AWOS-2, AWOS-3, and ASOS are the ones I've seen mentioned. What are the differences between these ...
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