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Would I need a drone license if the drone is flown by ai and not a remote?

I heard of some AI flown UAV's and was wondering. if I made my own AI flown drone/plane would I need a drone license? (Assuming I would use it for commercial purposes and not just for fun).
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Has anyone used AI to design airplanes? [closed]

Photo example Prototype drawings Any response from someone who has done it.
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Which language is used to develop new aircrafts' avionic systems AI? [duplicate]

As an airframe and powerplant maintenance student, I also want to get an avionics license. My main goal is working on artificial intelligence of aircrafts avionics. However I'm concerned about the ...
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What is the future for auto-pilots? [closed]

What is going to change with auto-pilots on commercial aircraft in the next decade or so? Will airlines allow an auto-pilot to control an aircraft when it lands and takes off? Will we start using
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What is the current state of research on Autonomous Air Traffic Control?

I am trying to get informed about Autonomous Air Traffic Control. Communication is crucial in this field. I am aware that different possibilities exist to realize it, for example: an ad-hoc network ...
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Are there any autopilots that are capable of landing a damaged aircraft better than any human?

How close are we to commercial aircraft with autopilots that can, as safely as theoretically possible, land an aircraft with damaged, missing, or otherwise inoperative control surfaces; or altered ...
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What is the purpose of having a robotic arm fly a Boeing 737?

What is the aim of using a robotic arm instead of embedding the system on a plane? I read the 'Robotic Co-Pilot Autonomously Flies and Lands a Simulated Boeing 737' documentation but it didn't help me ...
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Is it possible to integrate an AI CoPilot on existing planes?

Or a new aircraft would have to be designed for such a thing? I have little knowledge of aviation, so please feel free to fill me in the required bits.
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How does the University of Bristol's AI fixed-wing perched landing change the wings?

The BBC radio program Click's 2017-01-24 episode, starting at about 06:20, describes the use of AI to develop a perched landing capability by an autonomous fixed-wing craft. I can't understand exactly ...
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