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Why don't commercial aircraft use tail hook technology?

Tail hooks help drastically reduce an aircraft's speed during landing, and would therefore reduce the necessity of having long runways. So why doesn't tail hook technology be implemented into ...
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Can an F-16 land on an aircraft carrier, at all?

Looking at the F-16 again, I noticed the tailhook which it seems to have. I know the F-16 is not designed to land on any aircraft carrier, however, if it was between ditching in the ocean and ...
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What is done to prevent the tail hook from bouncing off the carrier deck?

At 2:20 of this video, it appears that the tail hook of the F7U-3 bounces off the flight deck a couple of times before catching a wire. Does this still happen with more modern fighters or has ...
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What is the tailhook on naval aircraft made out of?

What is the tailhook that enable naval aircraft to land on aircraft carriers, it must be made out of a strong metal to not bend or 'snap' under the force of the thrust that the plane is expelling, as ...
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