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A system that helps to stop an aircraft after landing. Typically a cable engaged by a hook on the aircraft.

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Why do the arresting gear cables need to be pushed/ guided back?

Also, what is the yellow metal stick officially called?
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Slanted Brown Rectangles on Aircraft Carriers?

What are the rectangles adjacent to the arresting gear on Aircraft Carriers? Are they service hatches?
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What is the rationale behind placing arrestor gear on a long runway?

I'm looking at the obstacle chart and the aerodrome chart (pdf; source: Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority) for LGLM (Lemnos, Greece), which serves both military and passenger aircraft. The runway ...
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Why don't airports use arresting gears to recover energy from landing passenger planes?

An average plane has 50t of mass and a landing speed of approx. 250 (lets be conservative) 200 km/h. Thus its kinetic energy at landing is about 75 MJ or 21 kWh. The plane catches the wire attached to ...
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What is the "departure cable" that tower mentions?

Sometimes the tower will advise aircraft that the "departure cable" is up or down. What are they referring to? KPDX is one airport where this can be found.
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Can any military aircraft (only fighter jets not the military cargo ones) be stopped using Arresting Gear technique?

I know in mostly all of the seaborne landings on the Naval warships is done using Arresting Gear and there are some land based airfields also which used arrested gear methodology but do any aircraft ...
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Why isn't the arresting hook always used on land?

Watching Jet Stream, about training to fly the CF-18 Hornet, they comment that the jet was originally certified as a Navy plane, landing on aircraft carriers with an arresting cable. Usually, when ...
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