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Questions tagged [arinc-429]

ARINC 429 is both an electrical bus standard and a data transfer standard for aircraft avionics.

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Why does the SSM decoding vary between different A429 label types

For A429 there are different label types, for example: BCD, BNR, Discrete... These types have their corresponding SSM (Sign/Status Matrix) that is unique, for example an SSM of "00" represents a ...
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Does the Flight Acquisition Unit on the Boeing 737 NG stream data?

I noticed on B737-800 entering the flight deck on the right side there is a port Data Loader and I think this is the Flight Acquisition Unit. Is this port used exclusively for loading data to FMCs etc ...
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A429 label 044, DME Identity Presence - Definition

Is there a bit by bit definition for the A429 label 044, DME Identity Presence? I have this label 044 coming out of a Collins DME-4000, but it is not defined in its documentation I have at hand (...
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Best Way to certify DO-178 Communications Stack?

We currently have a piece of hardware running an RTOS that needs the communication stack to be certified to DAL-B. Everything has already been developed for non commercial aerospace applications, ...
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