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Questions tagged [arinc-429]

ARINC 429 is both an electrical bus standard and a data transfer standard for aircraft avionics.

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5 votes
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What is the difference between Body Pitch Rate and Inertial Pitch Rate?

ARINC 429 specifies two series of attitude rate labels for ADIRS/AHRS/IRS systems: Body 326 : Body Pitch Rate 327 : Body Roll Rate 330 : Body Yaw Rate Inertial 336 : Inertial Pitch Rate 337 : ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What is the encoding difference between ARINC 429 BNR and BCD formats?

I think I have an understanding of the differences between the types of ARINC word formats, but would just like to get some input to see if my understanding is correct. In the ARINC 429 specification, ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What is the Scaling Factor in ARINC 429?

I'm a newly appointed engineer in an avionics company and have been tasked with preparing a report on ARINC429. I understand most of it, and I certainly find it simpler that 664, but I still can't ...
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4 votes
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What is the purpose of the selected altitude/airspeed in ARINC 429?

What is the purpose of the selected altitude and airspeed fields in ARINC 429?
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