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Use this tag for questions related to ATC/ATM services providers, e.g. FAA in the US, Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo in Brazil, Eurocontrol in Netherlands/North of Germany...

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How does an aviation business get an AFTN address?

How does an aviation business get an AFTN address to receive FPL messages from Air Navigation Service Providers?
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What is the difference between en-route delays and airport delays?

ANSP performance is gathered an published online on They monitor complexity, delays, efficiency and other operational data. I also noticed they have two ways of describing ...
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How can shifting to TCP/IP make current aviation systems more delay-tolerant?

I've recently been reading a number of articles on the current aviation systems. Many of them say that the current aviation infrastructure is 'inefficient' since it is based on OSI model and, so, ...
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