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Questions tagged [angle-of-attack]

Usually refers to the angle between the oncoming air and the wing.

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Does the airspeed indicator measure speed inaccurately at different angles of attack?

A point of confusion for me has been this: Does the pitot tube measure the airspeed of the plane in the direction of its flight path, or does it measure the speed of the air parallel to the pitot tube ...
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Critical angle of attack at high altitude

I remember hearing somewhere that at very high altitudes, the critical angle of attack for a given airfoil can decrease a bit. Is there any credence to this idea? Thank you
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Incidence angle in Sailplane

I am determining the shape of the fuselage of a sailplane and I found something that gives me a little conflict, and that is that in most sailplanes it has an inclined tip, I read that this helps ...
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How does the critical Angle of attack changes with Increasing Reynolds Number?

I am simulating NACA 2415 Airfoil for different Reynolds Number i.e. 2 million,3 million and 4 million on ANSYS Fluent. The difference between the critical Angle of attack is quite vast. For the 4 ...
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How to define pitch angle for a passive variable pitch propeller?

This question is a continuation of the question How to calculate variable pitch propeller parameters? mentioned before. Actually, the theory described as an answer on the question above is the exact ...
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How to find the angle of attack?

I'm trying to calculate the angle of attack (AOA) using aircraft some data. From what I understand the AOA is just the angle between the aircraft's forward unit vector (out the nose vector) and the x-...
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