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What is the difference between a standard airworthiness and a experimental airworthiness certificate?

What is an experimental certificate? Is it just a certificate that is for aircraft that were built experimentally such as home-built aircraft? What is the purpose of the certificate?
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Can you disassemble a plane, then rebuild it, and register it as experimental amateur-built?

Could I buy a Cessna 172 or a similar plane, take it apart into as many pieces as I safely could without damaging it, rebuild it, and register it as amateur-built? Assume that I know what I'm doing ...
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Is an aircraft considered experimental if built when having A&P licence?

I got my Airframe and Powerplant while in the Army 20 years ago, never used it after I got out. If I built an aircraft from scratch would it be considered amature experimental?
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How is a kit plane certificated if it does not meet the 51 percent rule?

I'm reading up on building an airplane, and it says the builder must accomplish 51 percent of the work to get an Experimental Amateur Built airworthiness certificate. But what happens if a certain ...
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What are the effects of placing the vertical stabilizer at the front of the aircraft? [duplicate]

I am experimenting with different aircraft designs. The one I am trying right now is a canard (horizontal stabilizer at the front) and the main wings are quite far back. I wondered if it would be of ...
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How are composite aircraft canopies constructed that sit flush with the fuselage?

More specifically, how is the composite frame of the canopy manufactured? Attached picture as an example.
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Calculating Lift of a closed-wing drone

A group of students and I are designing a theoretical closed-wing drone and need to calculate lift based on the NASA lift equation. We've designed fixed-wing aircraft before and when it came to ...
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What is the difference between experimental and amateur built aircraft in the US?

What is the difference between experimental amateur and amateur built aircraft in the US, or are they the same? If not, is there a difference re specifications, inspections, engines, passengers, etc.?...
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Justification for the 2D cut-out method for determining a rocket's center of pressure

I've seen several tutorials on rocket stability where one can empirically obtain the center of pressure by cutting out a 2D imprint of the rocket and balancing the 2D shape as seen in the pictures ...
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How to modify an amateur kit build with wing hard points

I plan on modifying an amateur-built all-metal kit plane so it has a hard point under each wing where various external loads (cameras, probes, etc) can be fitted to (university research). The location ...
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For slow-flying ultralights, how would a delta wing compare to a biplane layout of equal wing area?

Context: By "slow-flying" I refer to ultralights that can be classed as "motorfloaters" - similar wing loading to a hang-glider, stall speed below 40km/h, cruise speed not much above. I'm interested ...
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Is c.g rear or fore of wing leading edge?

This video states that the c.g of most non tapered airplane is 25%-30% of wing chord REAR of the leading edge.The aerodynamic center(a.c) of most wing is 25% rear of the leading edge ....Does this ...
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Is there a flexible "cloth-like" material that can be used as "skin" for a non-conventional wing?

I am in the very early stages of playing with the idea of an ornithopter derived aircraft. The intention is to be able to scale the resulting aircraft, to passenger (or useful payload) carrying ...
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Could an amateur build a full-scale UAV?

FAA section 333 provides permission to fly in the NAS with an airworthiness certificate. Obviously, the design would need to be perfect with extremely redundant control schemes. Going through the red ...
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Is it technically feasible to dampen the control stick in an Autogyro?

The control stick in a gyrocopter is too wobbly for a glider pilot's liking. Is there a way to dampen the stick in a Gyrocopter [Eg. the Air command] to make it feel as smooth and light as one would ...
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Are there other examples of human-electric hybrid aircraft?

Has there been a human-electric hybrid aircraft after this. A more streamlined design; maybe capable of soaring as well...
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Can I log time in a Cri-Cri twin-engine aircraft?

I was looking at potential experimental projects when I read this fascinating website about a tiny aerobatic-capable twin-engine airplane. It's light enough to be an ultralight, but much too fast: ...
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How exactly is the 51% rule applied for amateur-built aircraft?

I understand that for an amateur-built that you are required to build at least 51% of the aircraft yourself, but how can there be kits which appear practically completed, just some quick assembly jobs?...
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