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Airside markings and signage found on or near airport runways, taxiways, and ramps.

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My windsock is erect, what does this mean?

I know that airport windsocks are calibrated to reach full erection at a particular wind velocity. At half that speed, the first half of the windsock should be erect and the second half should droop ...
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What is this star shaped symbol on the tarmac?

This symbol is on the tarmac at Ramona, CA airport. I've seen it at other small GA airports from Google Earth but I don't know what it is. Can someone please explain?
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Why are Oscar, India, and X-Ray (O, I, and X) not used as taxiway identifiers?

An old CAR "Licensing of Aerodromes" document indicated that taxiways may not be designated by O, I, or X. Is this still in effect today? Why were (or are) those not used as taxiway identifiers? My ...
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What is this runway marking on Kirkwall Airport's runway?

What are these markings on Kirkwall Airport's runway? From where they are on the runway, they seem like the touchdown markers, is that what they are?
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What are the areas marked in green around the taxiways?

In the photos for this AvHerald article you can see areas marked in green with yellow stripes around the taxiways. The entire maneuvering area appears to be solid concrete. The green painted areas ...
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Why is the aiming point distance shorter in the US vs. Europe for long runways?

In essence, if you compare EGLL and KJFK (but it works for other airports too) you would see that US airports generally adhere to the rule of 1000 ft in distance between threshold and aiming point ...
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How do you calibrate the compass of an aircraft on a compass rose?

A follow-up from this question; one of the answers mentioned that the compass rose in the picture was used to calibrate an aircraft's compass. But how does that actually work? Do you park the ...
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What's the point of having ILS on runway signs?

Runway signs show the ILS category next to the runway designation. But if you flew and didn't drive to the airport, you already know (hopefully). Either way, you are taking off, so you don't really ...
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What are these large yellow circles painted across the runway?

There are not many yellow markings on a runway. This row of six is painted about 400m from the threshold at both ends: Montgomery Airport (Alabama) - Source: Google Maps What does it mean for a ...
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What is "judgemental oversteering" in taxi procedures?

I found a phrase that I don't understand while reading Jeppesen charts: "judgemental oversteering". I found it in general information about taxi procedures. As I understand this procedure applies ...
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What's this turquoise stuff covering the overlap between the blast pads of KBOS runways 04L and 09?

Although runways 04L/22R and 09/27 at KBOS stop just short of intersecting, the blast pads for runways 04L and 09, which continue some distance beyond the ends of the runways proper, do intersect. ...
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Why isn't KTEX's runway designation 10/28 instead of 9/27?

Why is the marking on the runway written as (9/27) Telluride (KTEX), Colorado, USA. whereas the direction is 284 degrees? Shouldn't it be (10/28) instead?
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What does the sign "Caution your blast" mean?

At London City Airport (LCY) there exists a "CAUTION YOUR BLAST" sign. This isn't one I've seen before. What does it mean?
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Why is the font size of runway numbers in Canada small?

I've noticed that on runways at Canadian airports, runway numbers are painted noticeably smaller than runway numbers at airports pretty much anywhere else. For instance, here's the beginning of runway ...
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What are these blue lines around the runway at the airport chart that I marked with red line?

What are these blue lines around the runway at the airport chart that I marked with red lines? They are not waterways or taxiways so what are they? Yenisehir Airport (LTBR): Adana International ...
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What does an "X" at only one end of the runway mean?

I came across aerial imagery of a dirt strip in northern Idaho with a white "X" at one end of the runway, but no markings at the other. Does this mean the runway is only closed in one direction, or ...
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Can the big "X" sign be used for purposes other than runway closure? [duplicate]

About last Sunday night in the dark I was departing LAX on a redeye. We pulled away from the terminals (maybe 500m?), made a right. Looking back out the window I saw a BIG lighted X (maybe 20? 30? ...
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