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Use on questions about how airport lighting is used, installed or operated. Airport lighting includes runway and taxiway lights, approach lighting, airport beacons, etc.

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What's the functional difference between PAPI and VASI?

PAPI and VASI seem to be very similar in the the information they provide - i.e. are you on the glide slope or off it. Is there a functional difference between the two? If there is a difference, and ...
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What determines the positioning of PAPI lights from the runway threshold?

Why are PAPI lights installed 300m from the threshold? What are the conditions that define the position of the PAPI lights from threshold?
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How to decide on which side of the runway the approach path indicator (VASI, PAPI) are placed?

This answer provides pictures and drawing of implementation of both PAPI and VASI. In all pictures I found, I cannot figure if there is a rule to put those lights on the right, on the left, or on both ...
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What are the requirements for grass height around runways and taxiways?

I am looking for the requirements for grass heights around runway and taxiway edges, signs and lights?
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What is a "Land And Hold Short Of" light?

A runway inspection found a "Land And Hold Short Of" (LAHSO) embedded light had become dislodged and had caused damage to a tyre. What is such a ...
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Does runway center lighting increase runway lifetime?

I wonder if the centerline lighting helps add a few more years to the runway, especially with heavy aircraft like A350/A380, in addition of being helpful for landing and takeoff? My question is based ...
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How are runway lights constructed?

How are runway lights constructed so that they are not damaged by aircraft wheels, and can continue to function safely, to demanding specifications, under a wide variety of environmental conditions?
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There is a difference in the runway lighting systems symbolized in the planview and the lighting system specified in additional runway information?

Although two different lighting systems are symbolized for two runways in the airport plan view, the same lighting system is specified for runways 05 and 23 in the additional runway information ...
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Can the big "X" sign be used for purposes other than runway closure? [duplicate]

About last Sunday night in the dark I was departing LAX on a redeye. We pulled away from the terminals (maybe 500m?), made a right. Looking back out the window I saw a BIG lighted X (maybe 20? 30? ...
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