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For questions seeking to identify an airport, such as from maps or photographs.

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What is this airstrip in Mali?

While randomly browsing on Google Earth and Bing Maps I found an airstrip in Mali. Normally you assume a small village/mining site in the vicinity of the airport but other than the ruins of a supposed ...
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Help identifying airfield and aircraft from movie "My Spy"

Here's a couple of stills from the movie "My Spy" - the climactic scene takes place at a single-strip airfield with a paved or tarmac 09 runway. My tentative identification of the (clearly unflyable) ...
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What airport is this?

A friend of mine asked for some help identifying the airport in the picture below. He needs it for a geocache. Google reverse image search was, perhaps unsurprisingly, not very helpful. We've spent ...
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What are these criss-cross patterns close to Cambridge Airport (UK)?

To the immediate south of the runway at Cambridge airport, there are a large number of possibly-concrete things embedded in the grass. I'm not sure whether they are have any aviation-related function,...
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What is this very isolated, modern aviation/heliport in Northwest Antelope Valley, California? [closed]

There's a modern facility at 118 53' 16" 34 9' 28" or about 9 miles north of Neenach, California. It has 5 hangars - 1 very large, 1 medium, 3 small - with other large buildings and a large water tank ...
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What is this plane approaching an airport in Asia? (Also, what is the airport?)

The airport is in Asia, that is all I know.
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What is this abandoned airport between Montague and Rothbury, Michigan?

It appears to have had two intersecting paved runways, each very roughly 2000 feet long (give or take); the one that runs closer to north-south is still legibly numbered as runway 17/35, but the other ...
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What is the third airport near Dubai visible on Google Maps?

I know Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC). What is the third Dubai Airport, not named on Google Maps? Is it military, GA or commercial. Why there is no clear access road to it?
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What is this airport outside of Cairo, Egypt?

Out to the east of Cairo, Egypt, is a large two-runway airport that Google Maps calls "Capital Cairo Airport" or "Capital International Airport". Here's a link. However, I can't find any information ...
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