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Questions tagged [airport-design]

Questions about the planning and design of airports: both the manoeuvring area itself, and the services and passenger facilities.

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Why do so few non-US runways have EMAS beds?

As occurrences of an aircraft running off the end of the runway and hitting things tend to leave both the aircraft and whatever it hits rather the worse for wear, much effort over the years has gone ...
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What would be a minimum ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code for C-130?

I was wondering, mostly of military planes are not mentioned by ICAO on its papers (for sure, it is dedicated to civil aviation), but it's common to see military cargo planes operating on Civil ...
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What is the minimum separation between two A380's while taxing in-line?

If you are tailing another A380 on the taxiway, how much separation do you need from your nose to the A380 that you are tailing?
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Aerodrome category, certification?

I need to know how you tell the certification of new airport just built? how can you tell if airport is certified for International flights or not? approved for intl flights or not meeting ...
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Jeppesen airport codes for holding positions - catstops

what would be the meaning of the jeppesen catstop codes for holding positions(AM_TaxiwayHoldingPosition): {-32767, -32765, 2, 1} ? Seems that they are used completly different, for example on LTFM (...
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