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The amount of traffic that a particular airport, or a portion thereof, is capable of handling at any one time.

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Is there any estimate of the number of cargo aircraft which can be handled and accommodated per hour at Chitral Airport in northern Pakistan?

I am working on a modeling case study in which I am using a realistic disaster response operation situation after a major earthquake in Chitral, Pakistan. In this regard, I am using Chitral Airport as ...
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Why Ryanair flies from both Stansted and Luton as they are very close

I am doing a research on my future trip from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland and noticed Ryanair flies from both Luton and Stansted to there. Those two airports are quite close to each ...
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Does the angled parking scheme of London City (LCY) increase the number of aircraft that can be parked in the small apron?

While going through some articles and videos, I chanced upon a video on LCY and was surprised to see that, unlike in Dortmund, LCY has aircraft parked diagonally. Does this increase the number of bays ...
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Was NextGen simulated/tested against alternatives?

Researchers in aviation usually test systems in simulated environments to find out the pros, cons, challenges, etc. Now ADS-B is a key component of NextGen and its European counterpart. And I've seen ...
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Is there a correlation between airport capacity and accident rates?

This question about the new Heathrow runway increasing flights per day by 700 mentions that this airport (and many others around the world) runs at over 98% capacity. This got me thinking, is there a ...
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How are weather-related limits on arrival capacity determined?

Most airports in Europe have the following traffic controls imposed during adverse weather conditions. I wonder whether these capacity limits are determined by airport operator's experience, or if ...
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Are taxiways always one-way towards a specific, fixed direction?

I was studying the airport diagram of JFK and I began to wonder if aircrafts use taxiways as a one-way road. In case they do, is the direction of a taxiway fixed or does it change according to the ...
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How does the capacity of 2 parallel runways compare to single runway?

Under IFR, what is the capacity of 2 near parallel runways and how does it compare to mixed mode single runway?
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At what intervals do planes land and take off from Chicago O'Hare?

Is there some data available which shows the intervals at which planes take off and land at Chicago O'Hare? Just by taking a look around the last time I visited ORD couple of months back, it seems to ...
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