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Questions tagged [airliner]

An airliner is a large, commercial aircraft operated by an airline for transporting people and/or cargo.

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Why are British Airways wings so dirty?

I often fly through Heathrow, and British Airways airplanes, particularly their 777s, always look so dirty. For example, there is often a kind of dark oily stain on the wings and flight surface. So - ...
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Are airliners designed to land safely with no undercarriage deployed?

Complete undercarriage failure ("belly landing") is very rare in large passenger aircraft, but not unprecedented. (source) I would imagine it would be fairly easy to predict which part of ...
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Are empennage airfoils always symmetric in conventional airliners?

I'm specifically interested in these models: A319, B737-700, A220, E195-E2. You could call these conventional airliners, so I suppose the question is if these "conventional" planes have only ...
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How do jetliners age (major or notable checks and part replacements)?

As commercial airliners can be (and are) operated for many years (or even decades), I've started to ponder - how do they actually age? Or - in other words - what are major or notable maintenance-...
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Why do white marks on the spinners in front of engines have different patterns? Not Yellow? Omitted for some models?

In aeroailas' answer I understand that the cones in front of the props/fans are called spinners. In Farhan's answer I understand that the ehite marks painted onto the spinners act less as scarecrows ...
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Is there a relationship between thr increasing number of airliners flying over 11000 metres and the number of problematic air pocket events?

I saw many news about the death of a passenger on Singapore Airlines flight. They say that the accident was caused by a turbulence. But judging from the description of what happened I thought about an ...
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How valuable is CFI hours outside USA?

CFI serves as an excellent pathway to the airline industry. However, if I don't have the necessary paperwork to remain in the US and work, how does accumulating 1500 hours in single-engine aircraft ...
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When riding in the flight deck of a large airplane, why does it appear that the airplane moves slowly?

I recently rode in the jumpseat of an A330, and on approach, the visual impression of speed is very different from that of a small airplane or flight simulator. Specifically, it appears that the ...
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Could an aircraft have squashable wings that get thicker as it flies faster?

As I understand, for high speed subsonic flight a thicker wing is more aerodynamic, and at low speed, a thin wing is preferable. Could aircraft which range in speed from 180 to 620 knots (most ...
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