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Questions tagged [airline-pilot]

For questions about pilots who fly for airlines.

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What job opportunities are there for low time pilots in Malaysia?

Does a new pilot who has just obtained ATPL license has job opportunities? When I search at pilot job offered on Internet, they mostly required more than 3,500+ flying hours. What I knew about those ...
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How many commercial or ATP pilots have lost their medical yearly from 2015 to 2022?

I wold like to know how many pilots have lost their medical that prohibits flying on a commercial or ATP, year to year from 2015 to 2022.
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How does an airline pilot log P1U/S time under EASA regulations?

I am looking for the exact way to log P1 Under Supervision (P1U/S) time for Commercial Airline Pilots (FOs). I know as a fact that, as a Pilot Flying first officer, you can log up to 500 hours in ...
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What's the record for total commercial flight-hours?

Which airline pilot has the record for the highest number of total airline flight hours globally? I found an article on Ed Long who had over 65,000 hours, but I'm only interested in airline pilots (...
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How important are my EASA exam scores for getting a future airline job?

I'm doing my ATPL and I hear a lot of stories about what scores you should get in your exams to get a job as soon you get the licence. Does anyone have any information about how important the exam ...
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What steps are airlines taking to retain and acquire pilots?

It's well known that there's a global commercial pilot shortage, likely due to the cost of becoming a pilot, as well as the lackluster starting salaries. I've heard that airlines are making pushes to ...
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What are the chances of a fresh pilot school graduate to get a 'trainee' position at an airline in Europe?

My daughter (19) is about to start a career as a pilot. She completed the entry test to a pilot school in Norway (we live there) and got her Class 1 medical license. She's going to enroll for a 2-year ...
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Exceeded myopia limit on UK CAA Class 1 Medical, am I still eligible?

I am 17 and this may sound stupid but my vision in my left eye is -4.50, and my right eye is -7. My right eye exceeds the limit of -6 by just 1, I am following off the UK CAA guidelines as I hope to ...
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Why is there such a difference between the study material for the FAA and EASA ATP knowledge tests?

What's the difference between the FAA & EASA ATPL written/knowledge test? The FAA test seems way easier; you just study the Gleim which has 1650+ multiple choice questions and composed of 1,048 ...
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