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Use for the three-letter (ICAO) and two-character (IATA) codes; combine with [icao] and/or [iata] as applicable

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When in 1982 did ICAO start using three-letter airline codes?

All airlines have an alphabetic identification code issued by ICAO. From 1947, when ICAO was formed, until 1982, ICAO codes were two letters long;1 in the latter year, due to the increasing number of ...
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Are there 5000+ companies with IATA (two-character) codes?

From Wikipedia > List of Airlines There are around 5000 airlines with IATA codes. From Wikipedia > List of Airlines Codes IATA airline designators [..] are two-character codes [..] and ...
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Are airline ICAO codes unique?

Tiger Airways Singapore's IATA code is TR while Tiger Airways Australia's one is TT, but the ICAO code for both is TGW. I thought that the ICAO codes are meant to be unique from one airline to another,...