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Use for the three-letter (ICAO) and two-character (IATA) codes; combine with [icao] and/or [iata] as applicable

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Why does IATA have airport and airline codes different from the ICAO ones?

We all know that IATA and ICAO have different sets of codes for airports and airlines. My question is, why does IATA not agree to use the ICAO codes and end this duality. Note that the focus of the ...
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When in 1982 did ICAO start using three-letter airline codes?

All airlines have an alphabetic identification code issued by ICAO. From 1947, when ICAO was formed, until 1982, ICAO codes were two letters long;1 in the latter year, due to the increasing number of ...
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Are there 5000+ companies with IATA (two-character) codes?

From Wikipedia > List of Airlines There are around 5000 airlines with IATA codes. From Wikipedia > List of Airlines Codes IATA airline designators [..] are two-character codes [..] and ...
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Are airline ICAO codes unique?

Tiger Airways Singapore's IATA code is TR while Tiger Airways Australia's one is TT, but the ICAO code for both is TGW. I thought that the ICAO codes are meant to be unique from one airline to another,...
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