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An airframe parachute is a large parachute that can be deployed in an emergency to lower the entire aircraft to the ground safely. They are available for various light aircraft but are not considered practical for larger ones.

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Why don't [most] sailplanes use whole-airplane / ballistic parachutes?

My understanding is that sailplanes usually have the pilots wear the parachute on their back, requiring the pilot to bail out of the aircraft before they can use the parachute. Given the maturity of ...
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Light aircraft elevator/aileron/direction not working [closed]

What is the correct procedure if a light aircraft (under1000kg) elevator/aileron/direction stop working? Is it alright to use the ballistic parachute(if the aircraft is equipped with one)? If not, ...
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What is the maximum height for deploying a parachute? [closed]

i see a detachable plane cabin project .When an airplane crashes, the human toll is generally heavy. Based on this observation, Vladimir Tatarenko, a Ukrainian engineer who worked in particular for ...
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Can Ballistic Parachute Recovery Systems be safely deployed in a storm?

Suppose the plane is in a thunder storm, and the pilot loses control of the airplane. Would deploying the ballistic parachute be a safe option? Meaning, is it likely that everyone would come out alive?...
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Why didn't Cirrus make the SR-22's parachute steerable?

After the parachute is deployed there is no control where the plane is going, so why didn't Cirrus make the SR-22's parachute steerable?
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What is the purpose of the hole in the Cirrus SR22's parachute?

Watching this video I notice there is a big hole in the middle of the parachute, at its top when deployed. This feature seems to exist in other smaller parachutes. For me, it seems that air can ...
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What is the weight of ballistic recovery systems?

How much does a Ballistic Recovery Systems parachute system weigh? I wouldn't want to use a personal quadcopter or jetpack without one. I wonder if they could be made small and light enough for a ...
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Is a massive parachute coming out from an ejectable fuselage technically possible for a commercial aircraft? [duplicate]

And would it save lives? This video quotes no sources (except the usual "someone") but has gone viral:
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Why do the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22 have the CAPS (parachute) system?

Cirrus touts the parachute as an added layer of safety. The parachute has obvious marketing value, but is the parachute's added safety a spin on the airframe's shortcomings? CAPS is not optional when ...
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Airframe parachute on commercial airlines [duplicate]

My question, would a multi-deployment airframe parachute system be viable on a commercial airline? For example, Grumman & Cirrus already use this system. As with the automobile industries, they ...
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Do some aircraft now have "full aircraft" parachutes?

I was intrigued to see this mentioned in passing, Is it true that some new products now have ...
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Why is it that only light aircraft are equipped with airframe parachutes? [duplicate]

Why is it that only light aircraft (like Cessnas and Cirrus') are equipped with airframe parachutes? Isn't it possible for at least slightly larger aircraft to have this feature? And isn't there a way ...
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Why did this Cirrus deploy the parachute while ditching over Pacific Ocean?

In this incident near Hawaii, a Cirrus SR22 had fuel problems and deployed its airframe parachute. My question is why did the pilot deploy the parachute rather than perform a "normal" ditching ...
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Why don't big commercial planes have full aircraft parachutes?

On smaller aircraft, like some Cirruses for example, they have parachutes attached to the body of the aircraft that can help the plane get to the ground safely in an emergency. I'm wondering why ...
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Why don't commercial jet aircraft have a break-apart, parachute escape system?

Imagine that the pilots on a jet aircraft determine that it will crash. Consider what would happen if the design of the craft allowed it to: Break into four pieces Each piece is pressurized ...
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Is a light aircraft still usable after a successful airframe parachute deployment?

Some light aircraft now have airframe parachutes. If a pilot does have to pull the chute on a Cirrus (for example), is the aircraft flyable or at least repairable after landing or is it a write-off? ...
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Why don't all new GA planes include a parachute system?

When the Cirrus was first introduced, it included a Ballistic Recovery System, which shoots a parachute out the rear of the plane that can save a plane and its occupants when something goes wrong. ...
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