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The 2D shape of a section of aircraft wing.

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Why doesn't an airfoil rotate?

As far as I understand, two of the reasons how an airfoil generates lift are Coandă effect and downwash. However, if there is upwash near the leading edge, why isn't an airfoil rotated by the two ...
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Can a steady flow have stagnation points?

I am confused by this idea. If a flow is steady, its streamlines are unchanging. Taking the typical example of an airfoil, there is (at least) one streamline which will hit the leading edge of the ...
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Is the Reynold's number a function of the fluid flow stream or the obstruction?

I am slightly confused with this notion of the Reynolds Number. Specifically, I am looking at airfoil performance at very low Reynolds number. I am reading a lot of papers saying things like ...
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What are the locations on the Boeing 737 wing where the airfoil changes?

I would like to know where along the span of the 737 (let's say the NG) wing the two midsection airfoils are used. I am planning on running a CFD analysis of the 737 wing, and I need accurate data.
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How to go about designing a custom airfoil?

I am familiar with the NACA 4-digit and 5-digit airfoil design system where airfoils, but I was wondering if anyone had some good reference material or software for designing a completely custom ...
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