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Are there any analyses of GA tie-down failures?

After a big harbor storm, there are frequently analyses of why boats break free of their moorings. This information is used to improve upon best practices, resulting in fewer boats breaking free and ...
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How long can a turbine-engined aircraft be left fuelled?

Presumably, if one is going to be keeping an aircraft on the ground for a long time without running the engines or the APU, the aircraft's fuel tanks will need to be drained and purged... ...
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Where do you store an airplane for an overnight stop?

When a private pilot flies a plane like a Cessna 172 on a two-or-more-day trip, where do they store the plane during overnight stops?
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Is the the cost of taking a passenger jet out of long-term storage for two years significantly more than a C check?

There are separate procedures for "parking" (short-term storage) and "storage" (long-term storage), as Airbus calls them; this question is about the latter. Assume that close to ...
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Why do these aircraft in long term storage have air and power connections?

With the Covid-19 crisis many thousands of passenger aircraft have been put in storage. In this Bloomberg article from July 2019 shows several aircraft in what appears to be storage with covers on ...
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Why are some parked aircraft angled away from the taxiway center line?

With all the aircraft parking going on these days images like this one have made me wonder why the aircraft aren't just parked nose-to-tail: I realize that rotating the longitudinal axis can help in ...
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Can all airborne aircraft be stored at their origin or destination airport?

With the progressing outbreak of the Corona Virus the IATA has recently changed its predictions about the losses to be suffered by the aviation industry The losses originate from the reduced number ...
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How can I find places to store/land a private airplane?

Say I'm the proud new owner of a Cessna 172. To celebrate, I want to fly my family from Texas to Orlando Florida for a weekend visit. Local takeoff is easy enough. I live close by, and I know the ...
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What kind of container should be used for storing a disassembled Cessna 172?

I need to store a damaged aircraft away rather than leave it exposed to the weather and elements on a tie-down at an airport. It is a Cessna 172. If I remove the wings and horizontal stabilizer (from ...
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Why keep the doors open for aircraft in boneyards?

Photo by Bastian Ding from The image above shows Boeing 747s stored in a boneyard. Why are the aircraft left with the doors open? Won't this increase the probability of further ...
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What is the most economical way to store a small aircraft in a place with severe weather?

I'm interested in possibly owning a small aircraft sometime in the future. In the interest of finding out how much money it would cost, I recently called a local FBO and asked about a hangar rental. ...
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How are naval jets moved around below the deck of a carrier?

There are many kinds of jets on an aircraft carrier. I'm curious how they're moved around below deck. They have to be moved around for storage and to get to and from the large elevator that takes them ...
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Why is this 777 with doors and windows covered?

It's in the desert somewhere and it has its windows and landing gear and doors covered. Why is it that? Of course, it's not in service anymore... Source
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What is the minimum distance between two civil airplanes parked in a hangar?

When parking two airplanes in the hangar, what is minimum safe distance between them?
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How well can an airplane which is tied down be protected from a blizzard?

I've been in the very early stages of shopping for my first single engine plane. That has made me more thoughtful about the environment in which a given plane is stored. So the recent blizzard in the ...
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Why do parked planes lock the control surfaces?

After a discussion in chat about control surface locks I was wondering why they need to be locked in the first place. Why do they need to be locked? What is the best position to lock them in? up, ...
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What does "storing an aircraft" technically mean?

I have read on Wikipedia about airline fleets and you sometimes see that they have aircraft which they declare that have been stored. Technically what does this mean? How do you store an aircraft? ...
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