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Questions tagged [aircraft-registration]

A unique registration number (or "tail-number") for an aircraft - similar to a car's license plate.

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What is the exact process to request an N-Number change while registering a purchased aircraft?

I just purchased an aircraft and have the Bill of Sale form signed by the seller. I understand that I need to submit the bill of sale (AC 8050-2) along with AC 8050-1 form to complete the registration....
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Do airports archive the registration numbers of arriving and departing flights, and if so, for how long?

I am researching a flight I took as a child from LAX to Copenhagen in 1960 in a SAS DC-7C. I know the flight number, route, stops, departure time and date and wish to identify specifically which of ...
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Can a registration number be reused indefinitely?

This answer highlights the fact that some registration numbers can be reused (here F-WZFD as a temporary registration number for newly built aircraft and 9V-SMF for a commercial airliner). This made ...
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Where can I find the ownership of a specific aircraft registered in the UAE?

Is there a website where I can find the ownership of a specific aircraft - or in my case a specific corporate jet - registered in the UAE? I am conducting some research on corporate jets and need some ...
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