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Questions tagged [aircraft-registration]

A unique registration number (or "tail-number") for an aircraft - similar to a car's license plate.

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How are registration numbers assigned?

I'm surprised this hasn't been asked before but I could find any question on here for it. Who picks the tail number for a new aircraft? Is it automatically assigned by the authorities you are ...
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Can you re-register a de-registered aircraft with the same N-number?

If I'm selling a plane that has been de-registered, can the new owner re-register the aircraft with the same number (or do they have to get a new one)? Does the airworthiness certificate transfer as ...
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What are the FAA requirements for when to use an airline call sign & flight number versus the aircraft registration number?

Is there any FAA guidance which specifies when a call sign & flight number or registration number must be used for Part 91 & 135 operations? I am familiar with the guidance on how to obtain ...
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Where did the US 'N' registration letter come from?

Why is the first letter in US registration numbers 'N'? Other countries seem to use a letter significant to their country, for instance 'G' for Great Britain, 'F' for France, 'D' for Germany (...
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How do you report reckless pilots?

I have never reported reckless behavior by other pilots to the FAA, but I have thought about it several times. The only problem is that usually I will only know the tail number, not the name of the ...
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How to determine the aircraft tail number on a particular flight?

How can one determine the registration number (i.e. N123AA) of the aircraft used on a particular flight, having the date, airline, flight number and city pair to start with?
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How to get registration from ICAO 24 bit code?

The description of PlanePlotter claims that it can determine the registration letters from the ICAO 24 bit address algorithmically for some countries. The only thing i got so far is how to get the ...
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Are the size and location of the registration number regulated?

On modern airliners, how large are the registration numbers? I know they are on the tail, but are they also under a wing? Do the regulations vary by country? If so, what is the US regulation?
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How are aircraft identified as unregistered?

When someone operates an unregistered vehicle on public roads we know how they are caught: Police routinely pull people over, and they always check registration of vehicles. In fact, police will ...
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How can an helicopter end up with the same tail number than an airplane?

For example, take N133AA. shows American Airlines photos from the 90s and an helicopter from this decade: The FAA only shows the helicopter registry: ...
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2 answers

What is the registration number of the 10,000th Airbus?

Recently, Airbus delivered its 10,000th aircraft (an A350 to Singapore Airlines). What is its registration number? I understand the registration number is specific to the airline, and has nothing to ...
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Where can I find records of old FAA registrations? [closed]

I know where to find details for FAA N-Number registrations. But where can I find records and details on older FAA NC, NR, NL, and NX numbers?
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1 answer

How come some aircraft have really cool registration numbers?

I've seen registration numbers like D-ICEY - A Cessna Citation owned by a German company that produces frozen foods G-FILM - An Alouette II helicopter used in some movies and TV series for the flying ...
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What is the pilot's obligation to verify a registration has not expired?

Old registrations had no expiration date, so a pilot could get in a plane that is owned by someone else and verify the airworthiness and registration by inspecting the documents. But that registration ...
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How can I get historic flight data by N-number?

I'd like to get flight data for the last 10-20 years for an aircraft for which I have an N-number. Basic information-locations and times of arrival and departure. Is there a free database which will ...
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