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How Long Will Boeing Keep the 737 in Production? [closed]

Due to the immense costs involved in the certification of a new type, Boeing has continued to iterate upon the initial 737 type with the most recent models being the 737 NG and MAX. Will they continue ...
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Would it be feasible to restart production of the F-20 Tigershark?

This seems unlikely considering the cancellation of the F-20 program, however, the F-20 has been characterized as "the right fighter at the wrong time". As such, I'm curious if F-20 ...
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Why don't companies or innovative engineers find affordable and reliable ways to manufacture tried and true designs?

Cessna no longer makes the 150 or 152. It is a shame because the aircraft is reliable and a great plane. With such a tried and true design, what is stopping a different company from using the same ...
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Why are liquids for cooling not allowed when drilling on CFRP/Al or CFRP/Ti stacks for aeroplane wings?

I recently did some research on the effect of cooling on CFRP/Al7075 drilling. 7075 is used for aeroplane main wing upper skin, and the plates need to be overlayed and drilled for flush riveting. But ...
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Who manufactured the 737 MAX flap track fairings?

I can't seem to find the information online, would anyone of you know where / by who the flap track fairing for the B737 MAX is produced?
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If Sweden wants to export JAS39 to a 3rd country, will they have to get permission from the US govt.?

Does Sweden manufacture its own jet engine for JAS Gripen, or does it purchase engines from the USA? JAS39 C/D uses Volvo RM12 JAS39 E/F uses Volvo RM16 I read on the internet that Gripen's engine ...
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After the Covid pandemic, will there be an aircraft manufacturer which produced a combi aircraft anymore? [closed]

On this covid pandemic, there will be many changes in all of air travel, one of them is Combi aircraft to be rebuilt again.
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17 votes
3 answers

Why didn’t Boeing ramp 737NG production back up in response to the 737 MAX groundings?

The predecessor of the currently-grounded 737 MAX is the 737 Next Generation (737NG), produced from 1997 through 2019. The NG family (comprising the 737-600, -700, -800, and -900) is extremely ...
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What is the meaning of first flight and introduction in aircraft production?

They are info from wikipedia (here and here). I don't know many about the B-52 Stratofortress, but I'll take another case. The N-250 I remember its first flight which was performed with large scale, ...
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Why has the Bombardier CSeries been delayed in starting service with Delta Air Lines?

Delta Air Lines placed a large order for the Bombardier CSeries. I don't know the original projected date for the start of CSeries flying, but I think it already passed. When is DAL planning to start ...
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3 answers

How long does it take to assemble an Airbus A380?

How long does it take to assemble an Airbus A380?
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Where can I find data on past forecasts of planned aircraft production?

Does anyone know of a database which would list the expected production rates for various aircraft, at the time those aircraft started production? Finding actual production to date is easy, but I ...
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Has the F-35 Lightning II overheating problem been resolved?

This is one of the sources explaining the F-35 overheating problem. Has this been resolved? Are the constant problems, that are being reported about this type normal for an aircraft like this?
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Why are "counterweights" used in aircraft production?

From this question, manufacturers use "counterweight" or "ballast" when producing aircraft. Why is the use of weight necessary? Supposedly aircraft should be made as light as possible, and ...
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