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Why does Airbus continue with the A330-800neo despite only having 6 orders?

Airbus rolled out the first Airbus A330-800neo out of the paint shop last week (see press release). Until now, this type has only six orders by one airline (U.S. Hawaiian Airlines, who switched ...
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Why is the A320neo considerably ahead of B737Max?

The A320neo has a 16% higher market share, 1022 more orders, 316 more MoU's and $122.1 bn greater estimated value than the B737Max. Though both were released at almost the same time (231 days gap) ...
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Why couldn't the A380 secure any orders for two straight years?

The double-decker aircraft has failed to win a single order from any new airline customer for two years now. Comparing its orders and sales with its biggest competitor, the B747 it had received 315 ...
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What are the implications of a Memorandum of Understanding during an aircraft order process?

The term "Memorandum of Understanding" often pops up when airlines are about to order aircraft. I'm a little confused as of the importance it carries: Does it contain any details if the agreement ...
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