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For questions seeking to identify an aircraft, e.g. by description or photograph.

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Why are only discrete SSR codes allotted for aircraft identification?

What happens if we assign a non-discrete squawk code (ending on 00) like 0200? Is there any particular reason for non-discrete squawk codes to be used only for special purposes and not for ...
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Do airports archive the registration numbers of arriving and departing flights, and if so, for how long?

I am researching a flight I took as a child from LAX to Copenhagen in 1960 in a SAS DC-7C. I know the flight number, route, stops, departure time and date and wish to identify specifically which of ...
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What is this high-wing, single-propeller, possibly military plane?

I recently acquired a black & white photograph of a group of military people posed in front of an airplane. I am seeking information about the plane, and maybe the people. The plane is mostly ...
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Which military aircraft does this seem to be? [F-16 vs MiG-21]

Can someone identify the aircraft based on the components, riveting style, or other technical details visible in these crash pictures? a) Based on publicly available details, the chief suspects are ...
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How many exterior stencil lettering (marking out maintenance or critical flight parts) are there on a Delta 767-300?

I was wondering how many different stenciling areas are located on a Delta 767-300 and wanted to know general locations of each. Some examples include the markings of "Static Port" and the ...
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Is there any source or database from which we can find out the total number of military aircraft sold globally every year?

There are a few online databases that sheds light on the number of commercial jets that countries, airlines purchases every year. Is there any database that provides similar figures for military ...
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Gray cargo prop plane with ∇ or Δ symbol on side and French-like tricolor flag tail?

What type of plane flown today has the following characteristics? gray body cargo/freight 4 props ∇ or Δ symbol on side vertical, French-like tricolor flag on tail's rudder
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Plane Identification (Coast Guard, Air Force base region)

I live in Clearwater Florida and multiple times a day, I have giant multi-prop Coast Guard planes, ans choppers flying low over my home. However, today as I sat outside, I heard one but it sounded a ...
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