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Generally, aircraft are composed of a number of different materials and devices, including long and short carbon and glass fiber composites, wires, aluminum, titanium and steel alloys, foam, textiles and carpet, landing gears, fluids, electronic devices, engines, and other parts. Disposing off these parts safely (or sending them to be reused as spare parts on new in service aircraft) is called aircraft disposal

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Aircraft fuselages being shipped on a boat

Earlier this morning, my wife and I were down by the docks in Southampton (UK), watching cruise-liners move about with our binoculars. Whilst panning around, we noticed two old aircraft bodies (/...
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What are typical resins used in carbon fiber for aircraft? Are any resins impossible to recycle?

What types of resins are typically used in elements of aircraft, such as structural beams or sheets? Are some of these commonly used resins more easy to recycle than others? I've that Pyrolysis and ...
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Why is the aircraft boneyard in Tucson, Arizona still active?

I understand that an aircraft boneyard is an amazing tourist attraction for aviation enthusiasts. However, the number of planes that the boneyard in Tucson has accumulated today is mind-boggling. I ...
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Under what conditions do airliners retire aircraft and sell them to other airlines?

How often (and under what conditions) are airliners resold to another organization with...less stringent qualifications? Is there a certain number of hours after which an airliner has to be retired ...
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How do airlines dispose of a passenger jet when it's no longer airworthy?

When a plane is finally considered to not be airworthy, what happens to them? Do they take them apart bit by bit? Do they sink them offshore to make them into reefs? Are parts stripped and sold as ...
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