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Questions tagged [aircraft-development]

Development of an aircraft from an On-Paper design to its final stage as a flyable plane is called Aircraft Development.

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Why does it take so long to develop modern military jets?

In the 1960's, it took three years to produce a flying prototype of an aircraft that flew faster than anything before, was built out of a novel construction material, used a new type of fuel, and was ...
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How are forces on the landing gear reduced or compensated for at touchdown?

When an aircraft lands with the tires of the landing gear at rest, as soon as the the aircraft touches down, the landing gear experiences a large amount of wheel-spin up forces (because of the static ...
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36 votes
7 answers

Why are planes using rivets & not welded construction?

I was motivated to ask by this question: Why are airplanes riveted and not screwed? Why not welded construction? Is welding these alloys too difficult? I come from a refining background & in a ...
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If maximum speed was a priority for modern military fighter jets and bombers, approximately how fast would they likely be?

Burt Rutan talks rather passionately about the lack of innovation in space flight, but also mentions how fighter jet (maximum) speed performance has stalled: In fact,...
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How much does it cost to design a jetliner's wing?

The cost of designing a brand new wing for a jetliner, compared to modifying an existing one—with or without the changes to the production line—how is it estimated? Related questions that come to mind:...
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What do aircraft designers like Burt Rutan do to cheaply practice geting good at designing aircraft? [closed]

I am a new aircraft designer, and work for a small company (which doesn't have the enormous resources of a Boeing or Lockheed) so we have to work with limited resources to get good at our trade. I've ...
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