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3 answers

Can one tell if a craft is a lifting body or a flying wing just by looking at it?

Recent news that the "reusable lifting-body spaceplane" Dream Chaser has arrived at Kennedy Space Center and may launch in August launched led me to read Wikipedia's Lifting body which ...
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Does the FAA allow changing an aircraft's registered class?

For instance, if an aircraft is first registered as an airplane, can it later be changed to a glider or vice versa? How about a single converted to a multi? (If you're wondering about why this could ...
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What is meant when "flying/operating below Controlled Airspace"?

I'm currently studying for my PPL(A) and I've heard this phrase a few times now: The QNH must be used for flight below the Transition Altitude when flying below Controlled Airspace RPS should not be ...
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Is there a classification/group for UAVs with certain specs?

Is there a classification (like a name for UAVs that have max cruise velocity of 350km/hr) for UAVs please? So based on specs like range, velocity and altitude for example? Thanks, any resources with ...
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Are airplanes on skis considered to be the land or sea category?

If an airplane is on skis, would that fall under the airplane single/multi engine land categories based on the fact that they operate on land, or would it be considered more closely related to sea ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Is the APU classified as a component of Airframe or Powerplant?

In the classification of systems and components on the aircraft - is an APU classified under the Airframe or the Powerplant?
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9 votes
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Can airliners be considered as GA?

In a Swiss001 video, he said that the Twin Otter was a general aviation (GA) plane. But then in another video, he said that the Twin Otter was an airliner. Obviously, he's not a credible source, but ...
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