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Have airlines average fleet age been shrinking?

I had read somewhere that nowadays Average age of Airlines is shrinking. I do not know how much of that is true. I did see this - On the other hand, ...
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Are there statistics showing the relationship between safety and the age of aircraft?

Some people seem to believe that some airplanes are less safe to fly just because they are older than others. As a pilot myself who has learned that the safety of aircraft is nothing to do with their ...
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Are there any guidelines on airframe age and metal fatigue in light aircraft?

Are there any guidelines or rules of thumb about when airframes become affected by metal fatigue? More specifically, is something like a 1950s vintage Cessna still safe, or should I be worried about ...
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Why some planes are scrapped way sooner than others?

I am browsing the database, and I see plenty of planes in their twenties. Delta, for example, has 117 MD-88 with an average age of 25 years. While other planes are scrapped with no ...
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Why do Turkey and UAE limit the age of aircraft flying over their territory?

Why do the civil aviation authorities of Turkey (15 years civil, 25 years cargo) and United Arab Emirates (20 years) limit the age of aircraft flying over their territory? I think if an old plane ...
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