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How are AFTN costs charged to ANSP's and Airspace Users?

I'd like to know how ANSP's like the FAA/SENEAM/etc.. get charged for sending and receiving messages over AFTN. I'm wondering if it is on a per characher/message basis or if they pay in bulk. Also, ...
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How long does it take for a new FIR to be created by ICAO

How long does it take ICAO to create/approve a new Flight Information Region(FIR)? Occasionally FIRs are split because of various reasons. The question is how long ICAO takes to approve the new FIRs ...
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How to find out how many aircraft depart/land from a country per day?

I am trying to get the following information. I would like to know for each day how many aircraft have taken off and departed from a specific country. This information should be up to date and ...
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