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What is the difference between en-route delays and airport delays?

ANSP performance is gathered an published online on They monitor complexity, delays, efficiency and other operational data. I also noticed they have two ways of describing ...
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How do hot air balloon pilots avoid collisions?

There are many places in the world where hundreds of hot air balloons are flown in close proximity to each other. How do the pilots steer them away from each other to avoid mid-air collisions? Wind ...
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Why cruise at 7000' in an A319?

I was on a flight from Philadelphia (KPHL) to Boston (KBOS), after some delay and some change of route due to weather, the captain announced that we will be cruising at 7000' due to delays in the area....
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At what intervals do planes land and take off from Chicago O'Hare?

Is there some data available which shows the intervals at which planes take off and land at Chicago O'Hare? Just by taking a look around the last time I visited ORD couple of months back, it seems to ...
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What is the minimum distance allowed between planes in flight, in Europe?

What is the minimum vertical and horizontal distance allowed between aircraft operating in European airspace? (This linked question is the US-specific equivalent of what I am asking about European ...
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How does the capacity of 2 parallel runways compare to single runway?

Under IFR, what is the capacity of 2 near parallel runways and how does it compare to mixed mode single runway?
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