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Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service of ground-based controllers that directs and coordinates aircraft to improve safety and efficiency.

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How are international departure clearances issued from an air traffic flow management perspective?

Recently, there was an incident involving a Lufthansa A350 flying to SFO which had to divert to OAK due to (at least what seems to me like) poor traffic management. In a nutshell, the approach ...
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PTT mutes mic w/ A20, Delta Zulu, works with older headsets

New airplane to me. Coms work great using an older headset, David Clark or other brand. When using my Delta Zulu or Bose A20 the intercoms works fine until you press the PTT. When pressed the radio ...
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What regulations support European vs USA traffic pattern entry?

While reading another Stack Exchange question I became aware that Europe approves several more "standard" (for training purposes only, but encapsulates European maneuvers) traffic pattern entries ...
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Why do flights approaching Kabul seem to take a different route since the Taliban took over?

From a reporter on Twitter: Nerdy question but genuinely curious: All fights into Kabul would previously approach from the east, flying towards the direction of Nangarhar, then making a U-turn over ...
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Is "margin final" an ATC instruction in USA?

I was south-east of the airport and the active runway was 24. The ATC said, "Make straight in and remain south." And then he said, "Margin final, cleared [to] land." What is margin final? I'm an ...
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Are there any cases on record of an aircraft crashing into an occupied air traffic control tower?

Aircraft frequently1 crash, or come close to crashing, from almost every cause imaginable, on or near airports, these being places where aircraft of all sizes take off and land and sleep with many ...
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Mode S Transmission from Boeing 737 Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) data?

During a recent flight, while in communication with London control*, we received a query about our RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) compliance. Both the Captain's and First Officer's ...
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pre-departure sequence, how to increase number of flights in the sequence

If I have number of flights ready to depart (valid TOBT) if I want to increase the number of flights in the queue by adding flights in the gaps between any 2 flights whats the minimum seperation that ...
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Why does airnav list frequencies for some STARs on the airport info page?

I was on and looked up the info for KIWA. Why does airnav list frequencies for the arrivals (STARs) that serve an airport? Does each frequency correspond to a certain TRACON sector?
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What is the EOBT validity period, if any, for non-CDM airports?

The validity period for the EOBT in CDM compliant airports is +/- 15 minutes from the TOBT. My understanding is that EOBT does not exist in non-CDM airports, so is there any validity period? I assume ...
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Why is there a short tone in the ATC recording that cuts the pilot transmission using VOX?

I had an experience of listening to tower-to-pilot conversation and noticed that there was a short tone in the audio stream that suppresses the voice/audio signal and causes muting on the recording. I ...
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Are there instances of ATC services being refused to targeted pilots and/or operators?

Jpe61 opines that in certain circumstances aircraft can be denied services because of overdue fees. One service mentioned is ATC. This makes me curious if this could actually happen, since for certain ...
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How to find out how many aircraft depart/land from a country per day?

I am trying to get the following information. I would like to know for each day how many aircraft have taken off and departed from a specific country. This information should be up to date and ...
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What is the ATFM Project BOBCAT and why is it important?

Aerothai, the ANSP of Thailand, runs an ATFM Project called BOBCAT (Bay of Bengal Cooperative Air Traffic Flow Management System). Why is it so important? And why is an ASNP from Thailand running a ...
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