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Use for ADC; combine with [inertial-nav-system] when referring to ADIRU or as applicable

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Difference Between Air Data Computer and ADIRU on the Boeing 737

Altitude (ALT) Select or​‬ 1 – enables altitude​ reporting from ‭air‬ ‭data‬ computer No. 1. (FCOM) What exactly is this “air data computer”? The FCOM doesn’t seem to provide further details on it. ...
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How is the memory system configured in avionics computers?

In common memory systems determinism is never achived, meaning that you do not know exactly when are you going to obtain the wanted data, as there can be Cache misses that slow down the data supply. ...
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Different Engine/Prop Sizes on Same Wing/Single Craft?

On a four propeller/engine wing, I’m wondering if theoretically at least, you could have a larger engine near the root of the wing with smaller engine(s) further out on the span..?.. If you could have ...
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At what point is the input data to glass cockpit PFDs converted to digital?

At a very basic level, primary flight displays take data from sensors, do calculations, and display the results on a screen. Of course, because they are digital computers, the input must be digital, ...
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How to compute the airspeed change based on the Altitude change

The plot shows that: when I fly with fixed MACH, the true air speed decreases when the altitude increase; when I fly with fixed CAS, the true airspeed increases when altitude increase. So how could I ...
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What could cause an air data computer interfaced via A429 to only display integer values?

I'm working with a Shadin 2000 air data computer interfaced via ARINC 429 to an Avidyne IFD 550. For some reason, the airspeed tape is flipping between discreet values, and not gradually increasing/...
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On the A330 why does switching off the ADRs require alternate LG extension and inhibit nose wheel steering?

In the incident examined in this video the pilots experienced an unreliable airspeed indication due to pitot tube blockage in an A330. They followed the abnormal checklist for unreliable airspeed ...
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How is the voting mechanism and FDI algorithm applied in transport aircraft?

How is the voting mechanism applied in modern transport airplanes for airdata/inertial reference sensors fault detection and isolation (FDI)? Are there any other FDI methods approved by the regulators ...
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How does an air-data computer convert ram air pressure from the pitot tube into airspeed?

I know how the analog airspeed indicator shows the airspeed from the ram air pressure from the pitot tube. But I'd like to know how an air-data computer converts the raw pressure data to airspeed that ...
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Is the Mach number shown by an Air Data Computer considered a "true" Mach number?

I am trying to find more information on "true" vs. "indicated" Mach number (not airspeed). I've found older fighter aircraft manuals online that have a conversion chart from one to the other, but the ...
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