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The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) is published by the FAA, and contains flight information and ATC procedures when flying in US airspace.

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What is the benefit of the Digital NOTAM over the conventional ICAO NOTAM?

Us I understand it the Digital NOTAM (AIXM 5.1 Event Specification) does allow coding the events (deviation from normal operation) in a more structured form. That allows the user to: Link the Event ...
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What problems or demands does the introduction of AIXM 5.1 solve?

I just wonder what was the benefit of introducing AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) version 5.1+? What problems or demands does the new version (with its complex temporary model) actually ...
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Is there a standard traffic pattern altitude for ultralight aircraft?

Many airports publish a Traffic Pattern Altitude. For those that do not, the standard that pilots are expected to fly is 1000' AGL per the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. (The AIM and ...
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Should IFR flight plans in the USA still have one waypoint per sector in 2023?

Alternate title: How come ATC has cleared aircraft direct from Laredo to Columbus 17 times? If you hop on ForeFlight today (Feb 20 2023) and search for suggested routes between KLRD and KCMH you'll ...
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Are TIBS and TWEB in Alaska discontinued?

My 2021 paper edition of FAR/AIM still mentions TIBS (7-1-8) as Alaska-Only, but when I look at the Alaska Chart Supplement I can't find any TIBS numbers.
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Help to understand a specific SNOWTAM

My questions are: According to the article ''H''; what about the other runway/runways when I want to add extra info other runway/runways too; there is just one runway in here? According to the ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Why and how would I land straight-in from a circle-to-land approach?

I'm currently studying for an IR (US). One of the exam practice questions concerns an IAP having only circling minimums, and references 5-4-20(c) of the AIM, which reads: Straight-in Minimums are ...
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Is it possible to split a NOTAM in two messages in case it is too long to fit in a single message?

Would it be in accordance with ICAO norms to issue two different NOTAMs with the same year, series and number regarding the same subject and informing //PART 1 OF 2 PARTS// and //PART 2 OF 2 PARTS// ...
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Where in the FAR or AIM is a high speed taxi defined?

While monitoring coms I recently heard a Cessna Centurion that had just cleared the runway request a "high speed taxi", which was approved by the tower. I'm assuming that means he wants to taxi at a ...
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2 answers

What qualifies for "mass disseminated data" for an abbreviated briefing?

I'm reading about the different types of pre-flight briefings you can get and in the section for Abbreviated Briefing (AIM 7-1-4c) is mentions the phrase "mass disseminated data". Request an ...
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How is Kool-Aid used as a visual cue to create contrast for an off-airport landing?

In part 7-5-13 of the AIM, there is quite peculiar guidance given: g. Off-Airport Landings. In the event of an off-airport landing, pilots have used a number of different visual cues to ...
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3 answers

Does the AIM really require anti-collision lights to be used during the day?

AIM 4-3-23. Use of Aircraft Lights a. Aircraft position lights are required to be lighted on aircraft operated on the surface and in flight from sunset to sunrise. In addition, aircraft equipped ...
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8 votes
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Under what authority can the AIM overrule the FARs?

A commonly held belief among pilots is that the FARs are regulatory, while the AIM is not. Violation of a regulation in 14 CFR is punishable by the FAA, while the AIM contains mostly "good ideas" and ...
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What is the difference between AIM, AIP and AIS in the US?

I know that in the US there exist documents which are published by the FAA such as the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). What is the difference ...
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What should pilots state initially when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information?

I've gotten this question wrong multiple times on practice tests. Sporty's study buddy claims the information is sourced from AIM 7-1, but it's nowhere to be found. Correct answers included: The ...
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4 answers

When to turn base at towered airport?

When at a towered airport and instructed to make "left pattern for runway 3," am I supposed to wait for the base leg turn until tower clears me for landing? This seems to be the norm, but I can't ...
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3 answers

Why are turbine-powered aircraft "considered ready for takeoff"?

In an answer given to How can I politely remind ATC that I'm waiting for instructions or clearance? by @Mark, he quoted part of AIM regs: 4-3-14. Communications a. Pilots of departing aircraft ...
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Are you required to report leaving an altitude if you have been given a crossing restriction?

If ATC gives me a clearance to cross a fix at a specific altitude or a descent at pilot's discretion and I read back the clearance, is my readback considered the report specified in the AIM, or do I ...
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Which ATC instructions should be repeated back by the pilot?

AIM 4-4-7 (b) says: Pilots of airborne aircraft should read back those parts of ATC clearances and instructions containing altitude assignments, vectors, or runway assignments as a means of ...
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