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Aerial application, also known as crop dusting, is the spraying of crops using specialized aircraft.

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Whenever I hear a plane throttling down quickly, what is happening visually?

I am completely blind and have heard this several times when I was at air shows. Then my friend sent me this recording of a crop duster spraying the fields, and I heard the same type of sound. It ...
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How does an accessory drive hydraulic system power a crop duster pump?

Aerial agricultural spraying uses pumps, which are usually powered electrically from the starter/generator. Now I have read, that these pumps can also be powered by an accessory drive hydraulic system....
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What, as far as the FAA is concerned, is required for Ag Application? [duplicate]

There are lots of "you need this..." comments, but I'm wondering what is required, legally, by the FAA? A Commercial Rating, of course. Flying for money and all. A Taildragger Endorsement because the ...
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Is a restricted airworthiness certificate required to operate a Cessna O-2A Skymaster in part 137 operations?

Does a Cessna Skymaster O-2A need to be classified as "restricted" if it is to dispense chemicals over a congested area, in a part 137 operation? The O-2A we're currently flying is classified as ...
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Has the United States started a drone crop spraying program for farmers?

On "NHK World" (2018.06.01), a news segment showed Chinese farmers being taught to use drones to spray chemicals on their crops. The Chinese Government hopes to train all the farmers in an entire ...
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Do you need a commercial rating for aerial application work?

So to be qualified to do aerial application work do you have to have a private license with a commercial rating?
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Is it legal for a crop duster to fly right over my house while spraying?

A crop duster is flying directly over my house while spraying. I can see the mist coming out while I am standing in the middle of my yard (6 acres). Is this legal?
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Can I stop crop dusters repeatedly flying over my home?

I have a crop-duster spraying the fields around me often. He flies over my house no matter what field he is spraying every few minutes. I think he uses my house as a pivot point. The old pilot rarely ...
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What is this nose cowl mounted display?

(YouTube) A crop duster's nose mounted display. It looks like a poor man's HUD to keep the display and the outside view at roughly the same focus distance, but what is its function?
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What dialogue would a crop duster typically have with ATC?

By Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons What is the exact dialogue a crop duster pilot will have, if any, with ATC on a routine flight?