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Aerial application, also known as crop dusting, is the spraying of crops using specialized aircraft.

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Whenever I hear a plane throttling down quickly, what is happening visually?

I am completely blind and have heard this several times when I was at air shows. Then my friend sent me this recording of a crop duster spraying the fields, and I heard the same type of sound. It ...
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How does an accessory drive hydraulic system power a crop duster pump?

Aerial agricultural spraying uses pumps, which are usually powered electrically from the starter/generator. Now I have read, that these pumps can also be powered by an accessory drive hydraulic system....
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What, as far as the FAA is concerned, is required for Ag Application? [duplicate]

There are lots of "you need this..." comments, but I'm wondering what is required, legally, by the FAA? A Commercial Rating, of course. Flying for money and all. A Taildragger Endorsement because the ...
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Is a restricted airworthiness certificate required to operate a Cessna O-2A Skymaster in part 137 operations?

Does a Cessna Skymaster O-2A need to be classified as "restricted" if it is to dispense chemicals over a congested area, in a part 137 operation? The O-2A we're currently flying is classified as ...
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Has the United States started a drone crop spraying program for farmers?

On "NHK World" (2018.06.01), a news segment showed Chinese farmers being taught to use drones to spray chemicals on their crops. The Chinese Government hopes to train all the farmers in an entire ...
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Do you need a commercial rating for aerial application work?

So to be qualified to do aerial application work do you have to have a private license with a commercial rating?
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Is it legal for a crop duster to fly right over my house while spraying?

A crop duster is flying directly over my house while spraying. I can see the mist coming out while I am standing in the middle of my yard (6 acres). Is this legal?
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Can I stop crop dusters repeatedly flying over my home?

I have a crop-duster spraying the fields around me often. He flies over my house no matter what field he is spraying every few minutes. I think he uses my house as a pivot point. The old pilot rarely ...
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What is this nose cowl mounted display?

(YouTube) A crop duster's nose mounted display. It looks like a poor man's HUD to keep the display and the outside view at roughly the same focus distance, but what is its function?
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What dialogue would a crop duster typically have with ATC?

By Stefan Krause, Germany (Own work) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons What is the exact dialogue a crop duster pilot will have, if any, with ATC on a routine flight?
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What are the flight rules for crop dusters?

Crop duster aircraft operate much differently than most other aircraft. Are there special rules that apply to their operation? Specifically, are there rules about how close they can fly to structures, ...
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