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Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract (ADS-C) is a surveillance technology used mainly over remote areas such as oceanic airspace.

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Is ADS-C used in practice?

Both the FAA and the EASA have decided against using ADS-C in the development of NextGen and SESAR, because of cost, scalability and ease of use. But has ADS-C actually been implemented and used in ...
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Why doesn't ADS-B use satcoms like ADS-C?

With ADS-C, in the middle of remote areas (like ocean), we can send position report via satellite data link. So, why ADS-B systems on airplane uses ground based stations (VHF datalink) rather than ...
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How does ADS-C and FMS relate to FANS?

So - I'm totally confused about FANS and its systems. From what I understand: FANS 1/A (started in 90s) has some early CPDLC for USA routes (this topic) but what about position reporting? Does it ...
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How do ADS-B and ADS-C get used on transoceanic flights?

I have three questions regarding ADS-B and ADS-C. (Hopefully you don't feel my questions are not related.) (1) What's the scope of availability of ADS-B? Let's say an airliner equipped with all the ...
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