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Use only when final reports are released or for the process of investigating accidents. Questions inviting speculation or opinions are off-topic.

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Which military aircraft does this seem to be? [F-16 vs MiG-21]

Can someone identify the aircraft based on the components, riveting style, or other technical details visible in these crash pictures? a) Based on publicly available details, the chief suspects are ...
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What is the maximal delay between the publication of an investigation report recomending a study and the beginning of this study?

This question is focused on EASA regulations, mainly because the question arise when reading an investigation report written by the BEA. Investigation reports results in lots of recommendations to ...
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Where can I find official information about a recent crash in Mexico?

I have heard about a helicopter crash involving an Agusta A 109 in Mexico, that seems to be causing some turmoil due to the deaths of a newly-elected governor and her husband. Is there any info about ...
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