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If a plane doesn't require 100 hr inspection, but an AD must be checked every 100 hours, does that require a full 100 hr inspection?

Let's say a person privately own a plane and they are not using it for hire or instruction. So they are not doing the 100 hour inspections. However, there are several ADs that require it to be checked ...
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Must aviation rental services company do 100-hr inspections? [duplicate]

We rent our airplane to only certificated, rated pilots. These pilots may rent to increase their XC flight time. They may rent to take a family member sightseeing. In some cases they may rent our ...
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What happen if an aircraft is more than 10 hours overdue for its 100-hour inspection?

Let's assume an aircraft for hire's 100-hour inspection is about 20 hrs past due (120 hrs since the last 100-hour inspection). Can I just say that the aircraft is not airworthy and the aircraft cannot ...
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Are 100 hour inspections required to rent out a plane?

According to 14 CFR § 91.409 - Inspections: (b) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, no person may operate an aircraft carrying any person (other than a crewmember) for hire, and no ...
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